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Psychic Readings from Spirit Guides, Career, Money, Life

The Seven Dimensions of Creation

By:Paul Smith
Date: Sat,19 Jan 2013
Submitter:Paul Smith

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It seems these days that one cannot go through the vast amount of literature and websites on subjects like Spirituality and the New Age without coming across the popular notion often promoted by those just beginning to explore the Spiritual Path stating that we are 'now heading into the fourth dimension'. Some say we have already moved into the 'fourth dimension' and others that we are now moving 'beyond the fourth dimension!'

What are the dimensions and what relation does the fourth dimension really have to mankind?

Most people are familiar with the three dimensions of Length, Breadth and Height from school. Such concepts are readily useable as a means to measuring the world around us, designing structures to specific proportions and shapes to serve our needs and wants and understanding the world in abstract but very practical terms. These three dimensions form the underlying basis of Euclidean geometry.

So we know beyond doubt that the three dimensions are Length, Breadth and Height! We also know that the fourth dimension is - Time. No great mystery! We can measure the three basic dimensions and we can also measure the result of change in a basic continuum of Past, Present and Future - which is Time. When we apply this Fourth Dimension to the already existing three we have what we call in physics the Space-Time continuum. From this we can readily see how our understanding of the world around us has evolved even another step upwards, so to speak, from the basic dimensions of mathematics to the four dimensions of modern Physics and Cosmology.

Mankind is acutely aware of his journey through space - from one place to another on Earth - as well as from this Earth into Space Itself. Such journeys are measurable within this simple system of dimensional sequence. All movement, as far as we are concerned, takes place within a Space-Time continuum of Length, breadth and height! And this gives away the fifth dimension which is of course - Motion!

Unless something was moving, which is to say, changing in relation to something else, we couldn't possibly measure it! Simple, non mysterious, and quite logical! And when you now hear purported 'contactee's' relaying messages to the effect that we are 'Now heading towards the fifth dimension' you can quietly and quite confidently smile because such people have not studied basic terrestrial physics, never-mind, anything higher! No Advanced Intelligence would ever make such a remark because these being understand dimensional sequences better than the aspirant who make such outlandish claims. If you hear of a purported message from 'cosmic sources' know that they would not declare that mankind, or indeed the Earth Herself, is now, or will rise in the future, into the fourth or even fifth dimension for such foolishness ignores the basic premise of something which can easily be understood by almost anyone. Had this been wrong then we wouldn't have satellites circling the globe! We wouldn't have the Internet, we wouldn't have computer science, we wouldn't have all the things upon which our very technological depends.

We are all familiar with the Motion of bodies through space and time, or shall we say the measurement of movement in a time-frame of length, breadth and height. We should realize that these things wouldn't be possible without those forces capable of imposing direction upon matter (By matter I also include energy, which is a different kind of matter). The force which holds the nucleus of sub-atomic and atomic structure within a certain state is - Mind!

Few realize that Mind is an all-pervasive energy which virtually fills the entire universe. Where there is no Mind there is no matter! In a very real sense the entire universe is filled by Universal Mind. This is an example of Primary Energy. Secondary Energy such as Electromagnetism are the results of Mind holding these particles within a certain framework. The effects of electro-magnetic energy under applied mental pressures gives us base matter, or for want of a better term, Tertiary Energy.

Before people totally disregard such Truth as metaphysical nonsense we should bear in mind that many people throughout the ages have proved these things as very real concepts. That Mind Energy is really an all-pervasive force is nothing new to the mystics and metaphysicians. Such concepts lend themselves very well to anyone serious about studying telepathy, out-of-body experiences, life-after-death, remote viewing, psychometry and many other subjects which people generally regard as paranormal. We would say that such things are para-normal as far as we are concerned. We could state that ALL things are essentially paranormal in the sense that the Great Architect Which originally brought manifestation into being is continually revealing Itself in multitudinous ways if we could but attune ourselves to the One Cosmic Simple behind all names and forms.

The Sixth Dimension then is Mind. When mankind begins to appreciate and use Mind Energy correctly he will then make another giant stride forwards. In fact mankind need not wait until then and may even today explore such concepts through the diligent study and practice of the ancient wisdom as propounded by the Masters throughout the centuries, as well as today! Mankind is spiritually far behind where he should be and materialistically far ahead of where he should be! A thorough understanding and Practice of the Spiritual Truths of Life is the only way to bridge this gap.

Mind Itself is modified potential energy which remains static until pressures are brought to bear upon it from outside itself. The force which imposes those conditions upon Mind which bring it's potential into manifestation as directed motion is Will. This then is the Seventh Dimension! In it's highest aspect Divine Will is above and beyond it's own manifestation - it is unmanifest - but the basic functions of this Power are measurable.

These then are the Seven Fundamental Dimensions within which mankind exists. Will, Mind, Motion Time, Length, Breadth and Height. We do not say that this is the only system of dimension for there are other systems of dimension which co-exist with this as well as sub-states. But at least we have a basic overview of the seven dimensional framework as they apply to terrestrial man so that he might use this to think along specific lines of thought. More importantly still is the need for mankind to ACT in the light of such realizations by transmuting basic dimensional sequences back to their One Great Source! Such simple Truths should greatly interest the few deep thinking students of metaphysics who might use this as a measuring stick against the many messages from purported 'contactee's' or 'advanced guides'!
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